I apologize for those persons who had troubles (crashes) using some Samsung's devices, and I really appreciate for those users who support us by telling the situation and/or condition.

Samsung devices are very famous in the world, but I couldn't cover even for all of those major devices because of my financial reason. YOUR INFORMATION is therefore very important for me to improve and/or maintain my app ... no .... OUR APP :)  So, please kindly keep in your mind that WE ARE MAKING THE APP TOGETHER!

In version 1.0.9, I rectified major portions of logic directly related to crashes, however I can't say my rectification is perfect because I cannot test on target devices. If you have friends who abandon to install or to use our app. Please forward my apology first, and then ask whether or not they can cooperate my field testing.

A few users had rated my app as the worst. It was earlier sign for me but there was NO WAY to know what happened. I had same experience I therefore don't blame those guys. I understand very direct their feedback for me.

After I release my app, almost 10 days are passed. Within the time frame, more than thousand of people installed my app, even I had never promoted nor advertised my app.I really enjoyed the result and feel happy if all of those users enjoy listening to music using "We love Music" MP3 Player.

I really appreciate people in Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia, Iraq, Oman, US, Vietnam and German guys especially for earlier users who strongly introduced my app to their friends and/or neighbors !

If you have any opinions, troubles and/or difficulties, please feel free to tell me !You are welcome, to write your comments on blog !!Thanks a lot!



We released "We♥Music MP3 Player" on Google Play

Today, we release our MP3 Player called "We♥Music (we love music) MP3 Player" on Google Play. And I would like to thank people who have directly and/or indirectly help and support our activity.

Honestly telling you, our AdsLoaderSDK is just a by-product or by-component of the application program. I have wasted long time unexpectedly for ad modules, and I supposed that other application programmers are as well because their and our goal is to achieve the level of applications but not making cash drawers. That is why I released AdsLoaderSDK free in charge.

Some may doubtful if I put something malicious logic inside. No, definitely not.

I think there are thousands of MP3 Players you can find in Google Play. If you kindly try to download and evaluate the quality, please download from the URL to the Google Play:


If you find any bugs and/or incident (such as ANR), please let me know by clicking send log on Android device and/or e-mail to moblogueorg@gmail.com .
I already had thousand of test on both Android2.2 (called Dropad) and Android 4.04 (manufactured by SHARP), however there are also thousands of devices available worldwide :)
So, it is very useful and helpful for me to maintain (improve and enhance) the code. I really appreciate your corporation !!

It is a captured image of the MP3 player. The most specific feature is old-fashioned dial volume thumb and change music playback by flicking album-art thumbs.
While I was developing, unintentionally, I sometimes flick images displayed on MP3 player bundled on Android ...
Of course, nothing happened :)

Technically, it runs with and without Media Storage Services.

Anyway, if you have questions, please don't hesitate to put your comment!


AdsLoaderSDK updated to 1.00.41

Earlier of this week, I was straggled the setting of LogueMap relating to Google Maps Key :(
I hope ver. 1.0011 may show up both ads and map, but in this time being, still Google Play is not refreshed yet.
Almost I was regret that I applied Google map as a sample of AdsLoader SDK.
Why I adopted Google Map because there are a couple of reasons. The most is that AdsLoaderSDK implements unique geometric functions.
Hopefully, I can disclose API near the future, but it may take time for a while that you feel it is very convenient and useful functions ...

In this minor release of AdsLoaderSDK, I reviewed the code in detail and enhanced orientation changes between portrait and landscape.
The previous release was luckily running when the orientation is changed however it was unstable (even it doesn't produce core ...).
To tell the truth, AdsLoaderSDK was originally not designed to allow changes the orientation.

The latest release was tested and checked in both cases where you set or not set configChanges statement in manifest file, even I can say it's better to set configChanges from system implementing point of view.

I also rectified remaining bugs and/or parts not properly implemented relating to the issues of upgrading OS versions such as NetworkOnMainThread Exception.

The latest AdsLoaderSDK (ver. 1.00.41) is available from here (Box.com
The hash vales of original file are as follows:

MD5: F3E49F3E6283657E3936732C1B8BEE01
SHA-1: 7532ECE03D36A176DFD4F56875CED7E792E4D797

If anybody would like to try evaluating and/or using corresponding AdsLoader SDK for Adobe AIR  edition, please e-mail me to moblogueorg @gmail.com
I can instruct you how to build on FlashDevelop, however exactly I don't know how on Adobe official tools.
If somebody would like to challenge using on Adobe Flash Builder, etc. and write your technical article, it is also welcome and I will provide SDK if you also contribute the same of this blog.


Now, AdsLoader SDK is available on Android SmartPhone

Today, I released AdsLoader SDK 1.00.3 which has tested on smartphone devices. I had developed as well as debugged on Android tablet (Android 2.2 Froyo). My first machine was selected because of its moderate specifications I assumed as baseline, it is therefore performance is not so bad but no so good. But I'm REALLY afraid whether or not ads are properly shown on small devices because I don't have.
In this time, I bought an ordinary smartphone which is physically small (480x854) but apply Android 4.0. Response of multi-touch screen is okay but running on single-core processor called Scorpion with GPU.

But I think I cannot prepare other target devices financially. I therefore would like to buddy who are cooperate with me send e-mail and tell me the problems.
I'm also afraid how ads are corresponding in other regions and/or countries. Such regional information is very effective and to be shared among us. So, please don't hesitate to write your comments on this blog. Even you think your English is no good, you are welcome and again, I really appreciate the people who support and help the development of ads SDK.

Sample applications I think you couldn't see any ads on, because, there were a couple of bugs in previous version of AdsLoader SDK. There is no guaranty that SDK doesn't contain any other bugs however I already testified on my new machine so that I think it's available on the field use.

It is very famous demo program provided by MadComponents, and you can find ads on the bottom like this:

This is the scene rotating the angle from portrait to landscape. To tell you the truth, it's not intended shot but it's properly running and displaying ads ....

Click the readme button, you will find my message (request?) in my poor English ...

as well as Japanese ...

But I supposed the logic showing inner html is not so much considered and still contain bugs, therefore I think nothing appeared on other locale environment except for English and Japanese. It is also not supported the screen size adjustment if you change the angle of devices when displaying the stage WebView.


Now, AdsLoader SDK is running on Adobe AIR Android

Today, I release Adobe AIR application on Google Play that incorporate with AdsLoader SDK -  Adobe AIR Android edition.

The SDK supports AdMob, Millennial Media and Mediba Ad as well.

I plan to release this edition free in charge in both commercial and non-commercial use.
Probably I will release this, if there is no serious and/or fatal bugs found on the application released.

If there are any developers who can help or cooperate with my activity, please download the application and join the field testing.
I really appreciate for your kindly cooperation.

The application is downloadable from Google Play

In order to evaluate this application, you need Adobe AIR Android edition.



Yet Another Mobile Ad Network Integration (Mediation) SDK is available!

Dear Mobile Application Developers,

AdsLoader SDK is now available !! It's yet another mobile ad network integrating SDK provided by free on charge as well as royalty free for both non-commercial and commercial developers.


Latest release of AdsLoader SDK is supporting three mobile ad network mediators: Google AdMob, Millennial Media and Mediba ad.
The most remarkable feature of AdsLoader SDK is that the SDK observe several conditions of communication and responses of both ad server and clicks by end-users and dynamically re-configure the balance of rations for each mediators.

Please Evaluate It First

For those mobile application developers who are interested in AdsLoader SDK, I would like them to download, see and evaluate how AdsLoader SDK works first.
Now, a sort of sample program using AdsLoader SDK, named "LogueMap" is ready to download by free on charge from Google Play.

How To Get SDK?

Recently, the downloading and user registration system is not established yet, I therefore would like to provide it attaching on e-Mail for those users who are urgent so that they couldn't wait, if those users can accept all of the followings:

  • Users those who accept that I provide the SDK as is and there is no any warranty.
  • Users those who have strong will to support the activity in Moblogue.Org by introducing and/or promoting SDK for other developers and/or in your community.
  • Users those who promise that they are definitely not use SDK for illegal and/or its relevant works, for any analytic and/or reverse-engineering purpose, for any malicious use in socially and/or personally such as correction of privacy information, etc.
  • Users those who promise to establish license agreement.
  • Users those who accept that a fixed volume of rations including failure rations are used for free ads that promote mobile applications applying AdsLoader SDK, for domestic, regional and/or local ads which activate local community but not limited to.  

Please write your e-Mail to jesusisinus99 @ gmail.com (there are spaces to be deleted in front and after of @ mark) titled "Request AdsLoader SDK" with your name (if it's corporate use, name of the person in charge, position and corporate name), address, phone number, e-mail address and brief descriptions of your applications (url if WWW is available) in the content.

I definitely promise to keep your personal and/or trade information in secret, and is used especially for contact purpose regarding AdsLoader SDK, mobile advertisement, any derived and/or relevant works.

If you have any questions, please write your comment on this blog or otherwise please write e-Mail. 

Best Regards,


Now, download is available by click "Download" button on the picture of file hosting site below.

Original file will show the following hash codes.

CRC32: 62523124
MD5: E079380E31C38A22E489A2EC1DE86720
SHA-1: F03460D964E12E6BD5F73449C3236EFC6321AECD